Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.37

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

However, the content made public as a president of all Toyota Motor in the United States assembly was the one saying,

'The management company with the power to make decisions of the same case in the major city in the world with the headquarters was established, and arrogant management to disregard the customer was swept away'.

This image is quite different to the commitment. It has the memory reported that oneself and media are the apology pilgrimages.

When a perverse idea was done, this image was another one the outline of the commitment, and was not able to read consideration at all the person in the United States related to the accident the dealing by backdoor means of the economic effect priority.

I thought that it was the media of definite Germany, but when this was not an apology at all, I opened both hands exaggeratedly and shrank a neck like a tortoise, and what a wink did towards a camera was impressive.

Because Russia and China are not accidents resulting in injury or death that occurred at home, but will you think that you do not matter?

Even if economy took first priority, I thought to be a really mysterious phenomenon.

だが、全トヨタ自動車の社長として米議会で宣言した内容は、『 世界の主要都市に本社と同格の決定権を持った管理会社を配置し、顧客のニーズに合った営業方針を徹底させ、ごう慢な経営は直ちに一掃する』と云うものだった。







Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.36

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

The commitment that president Akio Toyoda declared for the world several days ago will have been proven that that was red lie spuriousness of the stopgap about general manager Mr. Harada's act.

Still, it doesn't try to fulfill the responsibility of the manufacturing sales companies and the obligation stubbornly. What is a true reason to keep refusing the cause investigation of the bolt breaking? 

I was seized with greed to want to know the hidden reason by all means.

Does it attach to a foolish, childish lie that understands immediately even if a small child thinks, does it try to be buried the bolt breaking in the dark by all means, and where is hidden the truth of a true underlying motive!?

If it is a range of a general imagination, the user who grips the steering wheel is too attended with danger. It is too irresponsible.

What I have appealed for over many years is not an one scene of the drama.

Mr. Akio Toyoda started each country visit in a few minutes as if I practiced the pledge in the U.S. assembly.

A news program of NHK established a holding company with the design in Russia and China and reported the scene such as the hoeing ceremony type to build the manufacturing facility.

I stated that President Toyoda had a smile in the whole face, and a long-time dream came true.










Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.35

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

It actually hears of wheel detainment bolt breakage when generated in each country of Asia.  

When an accident to be concerned with human life did even outbreak like an accident of the United States without handling bolt buckling up not only my accident if I crushed it as it is, Mr. Akio Toyoda would bear false witness in American Congress.

The president oneself of Toyota Motor will prove that that was a red lie of the stopgap the commitment to have declared for the world only several days ago.

Still will it be an aim to persist in only the wrong pride of the production sale company stubbornly?

I arrive until the temporary lie that seems to be found out immediately and will be the hidden reason that is going to forget bolt buckling up in darkness whatever it takes?

 I thought that I was too arrogant if so.







Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.34

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

Strangely, I threw a thing catch-as-catch-can without minding an area and rejected it, and it was intense and barked, and cried, was intense, having square it did not go up.

I think that it has been snatched all heat by thought that this was real nature of Japanese Toyota Motor Corporation proud than such feelings.

Even a very natural customer has not understood be good when the reality of Toyota Motor that does such dirty mimicry is understood like any like me.  

What was it the United States Public hearing and the performance of Mr. Akio Toyoda's tears mixing several days ago?
The spirit of Toyota Motor began to rot really was it a desire to rise in the world wrong of Mr. Harada or I heartily thought that talent was too scarce of it however though it did not know.




数日前に米国議会公聴会で豊田章夫氏の、涙まじりのパフォーマンスはなんだったのか? トヨタ自動車の精神が本当に腐りだしたのか、原田氏の間違った出世欲なのか、それにしても人材が乏しすぎるとしみじみ思いました。

Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.33

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

It is may be such a thing that it is picked up to a fox. And this person thought that a head might be funny. 

It is the sentence that seems to be annoying when we still doubt it, but I say when I explained an accident cause to a family, and responsibility of Toyota is not the story that seems to be evaded in it.

It is only evidence photography of the loss in a thing and the bolt occasion when I decide it when the present when three years passed since an accident occurs, the act that Toyota Motor Corporation showed to me so far are complainers and made fun.

Very, excuse me, I cannot but think that General Manager Harada is incompetent. It will be an actor of genius if I become senile.

It was the general manager who could not receive the satisfactory report from the local branch, and it was the managerial class that even mind to confirm the report contents which I received did not have that I could say clearly.  It was to say that it was just a salary thief.

キツネに抓まれるとはこの様なことかも知れません。 そして、この人は頭が可笑しいのではないかと思ったのです。



大変失礼ですが原田室長は無能だと思わざるを得ません。 惚けているとしたら天才的な俳優でしょう。