Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.16

Expectations to be connected with each other / 絡み合う思惑

I stated terms of the contract violation, and there was no end to daughters I let I hated that I paid a debt, and the daughter who escaped, the sweet words of the man do only money without the woman who danced it, the strong man who let opposite, a man jump, the girl who the pregnancy was found out, and went back on the way, the daughter who I seduced you and was seduced and ran it with a visitor, and failed working, and to return to the cause of the child even if encouragement of new industry activity in Japan began.

The fool who rushed into an Immigration Bureau and the Philippine embassy was near 20% and, in the case of a vicious woman, put. A lack of deep consideration of the visitors who were going to draw attention of them or sisters and the friend who were already married in Japan participated in such act. I am amazed to learn among them because the couple making business existed.

Because a too vicious act was repeated frequently, the Japanese Government became the big factor to limit entertainer visa issuance in Philippines strictly. Still the all who do not learn lesson exchange a hand and change an article and seduce the bad talent of the head which I held a large amount of debt and cannot wipe the fact madly in love with profit margin income and something extra.




Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.15

The distance to a talent / タレントへの道程 4

Even the daughter who did her best seriously hangs time of one year and power and money for six months on the average and is ready reason to receive a qualifying examination.
As for the pass rate of this qualifying examination, an average of five times of one faces an examination. Of course a person becoming unacceptable puts on 30% even if I take an entrance examination for it how many times.
Most of these daughters trample down a debt and escape and crawl into the different training school.

Even an excellent daughter is the state of no income for one year before she leaves the country after starting training. 350,000 yen does not fall at least when I add up a loan to the disease medical bill of the child, the cost of living of the family.
When it was not so, the daughter who reached 1 million yen was. It was not to be worried about this fact at all to have been mysterious.

When I got away from such a reason on the way and became pregnant and was pulled up, it was made a fuss, and trouble did not die out.
And the daughter who went to the promotion had half nearly several for the purpose of satisfying daily hunger among them.
The, ascertaining it was one of the important duties. It is the reality that is hardly thought about for the general society common sense.




Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.14

The distance to a talent / タレントへの道程 3

Documents charges (a resident's card, a certificate, an attendance at school report card, a Christian certificate, medical examination report) are necessary in parallel.
Daughters of 70% did not keep it at hand, and a registration of a birth ground was unidentified. I need four months before all the documents are prepared, and personnel expenses and transportation expenses and meal charges of moving leave each time.

Meanwhile, cash disappeared like water for a payment for another none of company training began, and to say with dance lesson charges, (lesson music tape charges, tights and shoes charges) in the case of song lesson charges, (including cassette tape charges, karaoke tape charges, microphone charges), a dance girl in the case of a singer.

並行して、書類代 ( 住民票、卒業証明書、就学成績表、クリスチャン証明書、健康診断書 ) が必要となります。

その間に訓練が始まり、歌手の場合は歌唱レッスン代、( カセット・テープ代、カラオケ・テープ代、マイクロホン代など )、 踊子の場合は舞踏レッスン代、( レッスン曲テープ代、タイツとシューズ代 )と云う様に、総て会社が立替のため、現金が湯水の様に消えてなくなりました。

Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.13

The distance to a talent / タレントへの道程 2

The cost to leave is transportation expenses of the coming and going that they go out for an interview from the home to promotion by the talent training first (I include a companion and pay even non-adoption).
When I adopt it, it is camp life to prevent the secession on the way and provides with a room and meal charges, the water expenses for lighting and fuel, life article charges to live from the day.

In the case of a poor family, the person himself suggested the cost of living of the family at this point in time, and mother often proposed a debt.
Even if such a daughter does financial help, 80% disappears on the way. In addition, the transportation expenses to come home on sanitary protection charges, the milk charges of the child, the weekend were objects of the supply.

タレント養成で最初に出て行く必要経費は、彼女達が自宅からプロモーションへ面接に出掛ける往復の交通費 ( 同伴者を含み、不採用でも支払う ) です。


Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.12

The distance to a talent / タレントへの道程 1

I want to easily touch it about talents working in Japan.
There were many people who called them by whether it was a Philippine talent secret language the person concerned in them in Japan under the pretense of JAPAYUKI in this country.
It cannot be surely distorted that there is one cup of incorrigible part even if looked down.

However, I needed the patience that it was unbelievable that I taught something about everything and an entertainment to women who did not seem to even receive the compulsory education either and I let you acquire a license and a visa and sent you out to Japan and time and money.
It was not such an intention. Dozens of times ground their teeth whether it might be such a fool. It was often it in a white night.

この国では彼女達のことを関係者までがJAPAYUKIと称し、日本でも彼女達を〝なんだ、タレントか と隠語で呼ぶ人が多かった。


Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.11

The old man who became senile / 惚けた老人

Because she would know the house of Nagatani as for me after she was small, and a girl explained the process that visited our office, I met you directly and talked, but advised it carelessly.
In the secretary's talk, since it had heralded from the time to the name of a hotel, and the location, it was if it will probably be infallible. Although it is surely a certain talk well, it is never a thing of a good feeling.

I introduced the matter of the girl into the evening of the day, the call such as the regular service from Nagatani.
Then an answer, "it was her man not an elder brother" returned immediately. I have begun to totally talk about her private life with peace with laughter like other people's affairs.
There was never that she visited my cause afterwards.


すると、 それは兄貴ではなく彼女の男だ との答えが即座に返ったのです。まるで他人事の様に笑いを交えながら平静を装って、彼女の私生活を話し出した。

Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.10

Truth such as the lie / 嘘の様な本当の話

A telephone offensive like a regular service began from Mr. Nagatani, so that the staff of the company burst into laughter from the next day.
However, from the girl in question, the secretary dimmed expression and went into my room on the morning of one day over which several days passed with no connection.
And the change button of telephone was strongly pushed with an intention that hatred is also carried out. When it was the third time now, it murmured close to my ears.

The partner of the telephone was a young man who declares himself a girl's brothers and sisters.
The younger sister was lured out as since Mr. Nagatani introduces a promoter. Since a lot of money would be paid, with practice, it took into the sweetheart to the hotel forcibly.
The girl's elder brother talked volubly at a stretch on the other side of the receiver.
I could believe my ears of my hardly for a moment, and looked for a secretary's face. The secretary shook the head slightly.

I easily explained a relation with Nagatani and conveyed the content that I told to a girl honestly. Some youths seemed to regain calmness and murmured that I did not get communication with Nagatani.