Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.38

Indiscreet old man / 無分別な老人

When a mother daughter waits to return and contacts Nagatani, it is just that I conveyed a true feeling.
Because I live in the house such as the henhouse, I must be pleased in the heart. I declared that I would make appearance. Laughter to treat usual another person with contempt came back from the other side of the receiver.

When I was coming to an end in 2005, it seemed that a marriage talk with Annalyn got on track, and a telephone cheerful after a long absence hung from Nagatani and bragged when I worried about nothing.
I have hung up in a usual state one-sidedly when I requested money of adjustment for me because too unreasonable lines came.

I got a contact from my legal adviser before 30 minutes passed, and Nagatani informed it when I was belonging to the caddie of the golf course and was approached with consultation to buy a house for.
I asked you again at once. I was reliable. I asked for aid I was belonging to Annalyn, and to purchase it, but learned that intense resentment welled up for the first time.


Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.37

Something is out of order / 何かが狂っている

There is no communication from her whom Annalyn goes back to its own country, and a few days should have gone back to on past one day. Because Nagatani was angry intensely on the telephone, it was exasperating and thought and if there was not the communication, it was sharp and answered the office.
I muttered whether there would not be mind to become a bride on the other side of the receiver. I persuade that I keep a promise and duty as a human being.

Annalyn came in a report of the return home the next day. I reminded you to refrain from hasty actions, but the rumor of the car sexual intercourse in mountains never talked daringly until money processing was completed.
It was night and received the company requests from Nagatani to a person of Annalyn, but declined it when it would be the first thing to do to attach the distinction of the man.

A few days later, it was repeated the story of the purpose that mother of Annalyn said to when "there would not be the words because I had a visit from Nagatani, and the debt cleaned it and bought a house".
It was very unpleasant for a parent and complained that I felt uneasiness in letting you marry. It was an ashamed state of mind.



数日後、Annalynの母親が、 長谷氏から訪問を受け、借金は綺麗にしてやるとか、家を買ってやるから文句は無いだろう と云う趣旨の話を繰り返された。

Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.36

New scandal / 新たなスキャンダル

During such days, a rumor to say when "I was for a long time and turned the woman that Nagatani was young to the car in enclosure, a heap of Antipolo" heard what was whispered among caddies during a play.
I admitted that I met Nagatani for a return of golf and heard facts with "which there could be as for the" such thing unusually obediently.

Because it was difficult to bring you to the hotel, I said when I had a hard time though I found the place that did car sexual intercourse, and Nagatani laughed.
At the age of the girl whom I brought to the office, I understood it favorably at the time when a heart wavered in the talk about breaking up with the wife when it would be a sudden whim out of frustration.

When I thought about a matter of Laila where I pressed for relations on the day of the marriage meeting or this thing, I keenly realized that foreign elements I planned it in a thing of the passion for the woman of Nagatani, and not to be able to know inhabited.
I ran through the mind that his expression that I laughed at when the former wife was a woman of the whorehouses was strong and have learned chills to feel shivery to the back.

ゴルフの帰りに長谷氏と会って事実関係を聞くと、“ そんな事もあった ”と珍しく素直に認めました。



Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.35

Selfish old man / 我が儘な老人

A visa of Annalyn arrived, and the flight was decided on May 19, too, but received a report from her when Nagatani showed disapproval of the departure.
I called Nagatani to the restaurant of the office neighborhood at the night. If it was painful that the man spent alone a half year when a woman became absent, I babbled out something like child calmly. 

Of course not only cancellation cannot come true for such a reason and becomes the laughingstock if I force it, but also is required big cancelation cost.
Annalyn sentences you to declaration of intention of the going in Japan while being disgusted with 70 men not to readily take finally and I persuaded you unwillingly, but am the moment when I keenly realized a thing full of difficulties in the future.

For six months when she left the Philippines, I was made to play with golf more than 30 times and I introduced it to a dentist once and have wasted a day.
There was the scene to feel offended at with the state that shut a mouth like a shellfish time and time again when I could turn to the story for money of adjustment processing because a too biting demand continued.




Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.34

Condition of the marriage / 結婚の条件

Nagatani said that the marriage condition to her played golf with signing the marriage visa acquisition together.
According to the place where he talked, I wrapped the body in a matching wear in couples and was that it was a long-time dream to run after a ball. There was no with hands down to meet this condition.

The marriage consent article which I told to a pro-daughter was three items of the going of the visa wait state in Japan not binding the relations of the man and woman together until what I adhered rigidly to, enforcement of the money payment that Nagatani promised, it completed it.
Reliability can lack in where I just was really protected to if I think, and I feel like having seemed to be the day after the fair, and it is not.

I contacted Nagatani after it was night and conveyed the all the details of talks with mother.
Contract processing gold of the office is around 1,200,000 yen, but tells that 1 million yen is enough because it is a story happy.
I said that he wanted to begin life together immediately. At first I had a hard time to persuade that I cleared a marriage condition.