Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.41

The human true character / 人間の本性

The party began at about 3:00 p I was invited to the housewarming including at anchor with a wife with a one son on March 4.
I pressed it for money of my adjustment payment after Nagatani and I went to the golf course nearby, and having let you understand a story of 50,000 pesos that there was of the request from the wife. When money lent to mother of the ex-wife did not return, I only repeated a poor lie.

I had you sign the payment written oath which you prepared since you came back to the Nagatani's house.
The sense of the doubt swirled in the heart and heard the footsteps that a doubt joined hands with doubt, and began going alone intensely.
The human being was said not to depend on an appearance, but, as for him, I was milder to some steps, and the atmosphere to give a big voice to was the person who did not feel it at all.

The party began at about 3:00 p.m., and I drank and sang, and a large banquet continued until night past 11:00, and it was it since the last prosperity that more than 70 attendants overflowed on 4 meters of roads.
When I discovered a figure of Nagatani and Miss Laila which made a marriage meeting among invited guests suddenly, I almost dropped the beer glass which I had in my hand.

Each has fair expectations, and the human being of an old type cannot understand it like me very much again if they are the sociability of a place saying in the world of adult. I thought that it was a trick not to be possible of the imitation.
Because it might be hit a back with a finger with an obstinate person, I wanted to no longer have an acquaintance with such people.






Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.40

Greed for terrible money / 凄まじい金銭欲

The wedding ceremony was held at the church close to the parents' house. The banquet introduced the restaurant of the acquaintance and the relative approximately 30 participated and finished it without back rent.
It was approached with the consultation that I did not want to hear at the same time as I was invited to the housewarming of the house by Merylyn which became Mrs. Nagatani on March 2 when I greeted the New Year.

I remained, but Nagatani says 50,000 pesos if I settle a debt for money paid to mother when I touch a story in Nagatani because I do not want to return it.

The poverty of the heart would let you speak of the true intention, and, for the girlfriend who compared financial power with the chastity of the woman of Nagatani, such thing might be quite a proper act.

However, I was desperate, and I controlled that I changed, and the impulse that wanted to cry for a sense of guilt that an opening in a fence had looked in the private parts which you must not touch so badly went to a more ferocious feelings.
There was the similar experience several times so far, but I have felt seeming to plan a crime when deeply attached to money like this.





Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.39

It was a false name / 偽名だった

On January 23, 2006, Nagatani and Annalyn pro-daughter came to the office and cut and brought it down when they waited for money of adjustment payment to me for a while because they bought a house. It is to have let what I begin Nagatani, and thought that it is the really dirty human being who is not reliable only protects silence by oneself, and mother-in-law speak all.

While I heard a story, I almost shouted, but I made an adjustment gold processing written consent and signed in three persons.
It was this opportunity, and Annalyn was told by the name of the older sister when her true name was Merylyn. A place saying in this way is the scary place of this country.

She would enter Japan by the family register of the older sister twice.

I have a visit from Merylyn and mother again a few days later and it is required a receipt of the money which I got from Nagatani and is troubled. It was implored when I did something. Because I held a wedding ceremony on this month 29, I was said even if I wanted you to attend.
Although they said that there was not money because they bought a house, their things admired if preparations was very good.