Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.17

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

  I covered a long period to local Toyota Motor and Mr. Harada's belonging section before directly petitioning Mr. Akio Toyoda and was submitting several documents.

Along the mission original this section not the pretense to a customer if perform a normal function, and Harada accomplishes the responsibilities of the customer-related overseas general manager, the accident contents should grasp the correspondence of the field agency.

If a document from Mr. Harada did not have a lie and a falsehood, Toyota Motor Corporation itself would prove that I was systematically engaged earnestly in customer homicide.  This person is nothing but the salary thief who committed false evidence, the middle management of the man by the window if I insist obstinately when I did not know it.

The signboard of the customer-related overseas room is only a downright falsehood, too.  I think that I am too childish I hand it over of 100 steps, and to understand that it is an excuse.  It becomes the thing as the clearness of the sophism even if I interpret it softly.

It does not show real interest about the risk associated with the reality that a bolt curved to have been more disappointed. No, it is different. The one that said that I feign indifference will be correct! 

Because I only keep corporate image while being in a position to be able to assume an accident beforehand as a specialized company of the cars, it is arrogance to pretend not to know that a customer is jeopardized.



原田氏からの書面どうりであるならばトヨタ自動車そのものが、組織ぐるみで顧客殺しに奔走していることを証明したことになります。 知らなかったと強弁するならば、この人物は大噓吐きの給料泥棒、窓際族の中間管理職にほかなりません。

顧客関連海外室の看板も真っ赤な偽りになります。 百歩譲って言い訳だと解釈するには余りにも幼稚すぎると思う。 柔らかく解釈しても詭弁の冴えたるものになってしまう。

もっとも残念だったことは、ボルトが折損した現実から連想される危険性について、全くの関心を示さなかったことです。 いや違います。無関心を装っていると云った方が正確でしょう!!



Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.16

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

ഏ There was progress at the time of around two weeks.The first accident counted it from outbreak, and when it was life of President Toyota, it was with an explanatory note, and, for three years, a long-awaited answer reached it from Harada who gave a customer-related overseas general manager.

It was written for the contents, "I informed our agency Toyota Motor Philippines local than us because I did not understand the situation only by a document". 

It was written, 'They are made to take the responsibility for Toyota Motor Philippines after the accident car was confirmed for the bolt breaking and to correspond'.  

At the moment, the desire having been cheated by the fox did me. This is honest feelings.

It is not possible that this person really believed me to be an overseas related to customer general manager though the document is read after it passes for a while and it returned it.  A true taste to the accident was not able to be felt about sentences quite though this phrase was an original where.  

Because I am not a child, I agree to the letter of the business.  Still, as for this document, only the sentence that looked down on human another person who came for quantity was able to receive the signboard of the big company.  In the document that I presented, this time is not the first time.  

It seemed to be too rude as a formal answer of Toyota Motor of which Japan boasted.



文面には 『 書面だけでは状況が解らないので、私共より現地弊社代理店Toyota Motor Philippines へ申し伝える 』と記してありました。
『 ボルト折れに関しては、事故車を確認の上でToyota Motor Philippines に責任を持って対応させる 』、とも書かれてあった。

私は一瞬キツネにつままれた思いがしました。 これは正直な気持ちです。

暫く経ってから書面を読み返しましたが、私はこの人が本当に顧客関連海外室長だと信じ得なかった。 このフレーズは原文ですが、文章の何処からも事故に対する真実味を全く感じ取れなかった。

私も子供ではないから、商用の手紙くらいは承知しております。 然し、この書面は、大企業の看板を嵩にきた人間の、他人を見下した文章にしか受け取れない。 私がトヨタ自動車へ差し上げた書面は、今回が初めてではありません。


Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.15

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

ഏ  And, it induces as beginning to get angry because the customer is ridiculed by intention, chronic complainer's disgrace is dressed, zeal is lost so, and it is waited that the other party gives it up while exercising the pretension to be out at the end.

The truth was concealed even if what means was used and a lot of acts assumed to be externals were admitted.

Toyota Motor's becoming it shook and pointed out the opportunism about which it did not care.

Moreover, it is revolutionized to a very shameful because of will incline in the remainder only because of the earnings pursuit the constitution of Toyota that studies the top in the world thoroughly by a certainty of the quality and a steady business policy a corporate spirit, and a large amount of unexpected employees have been brought up. 

It was shouted that even a childish problem of not becoming even this laughingstock had been made to be born.

Then I adhered rigidly to the mind that Toyota spoke at a president assumption of office press conference and barked even if it was not only me that desired Toyota full of the passion at the time when I let kind Toyota at the time when I listened to a public voice, excellent car Grande and a high ace saloon appear, the revival of the true Toyota soul.  

It was the feeling that prayed that I wanted it to be understood.




また、「 品質の確かさと堅実な営業方針で世界の頂点を極めたトヨタの体質が、この二十年余の間に収益追求にのみ傾斜した結果、恥ずかしい企業精神に変質したことにも気づかずに、とんでもない社員を大量に排出してしまった。

そして、今回の様に物笑いの種にもならない幼稚な問題まで誕生させた 」、と叫びました。

豊田章夫氏が社長就任記者会見で述べた精神を厳守し、巷の声に耳を傾けた頃の優しいトヨタ、名車グランデやハイエース・サルーンを登場させた頃の情熱あふれるトヨタ、真のトヨタ魂の復活を願望しているのは私だけではない 」、とも吠えたのです。


Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 NO.14

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

Our generation is a Japanese of the old type last.

It was hesitated about for the , world and the race that I was taught, and grew to give the document of such a kind to the presidents of Toyota.

There was an intense tangle, and heart throbbed and felt of the hand, shaking, but was desperation finally.

A becoming poor shoe bolt of the Tamaraw  was broken this time.

It is the car model of great marketable goods, but compromising is good and hears a bolt in the district of Asia.

It is not reported for the moment because it does not lead to a casualty. I wrote the off-the record information from the media which handled an M car de-ring accident.  

I think this another view to express the particularly present Japanese social conditions precisely. Even if it was condensed in these words, I felt my anxiety.


こうした種類の書面をトヨタ自動車の社長に差し上げることは、〝 世の中に対し憚られる と教えられ育った世代でもあった。






Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.13

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ
Because two cars owned it, I used a different van car, but both Toyota Motor Corporation and I would be given up by luck!

When one year passed, quite the same adversity circle detainment bolt had broken short off from the root while repairing the blowout of the minivan on quite the same condition last time.

It was a question, "after all it was what to say when the bolt of the same point was broken, or it might have a problem" to have appeared to a brain at once.

The chest made noise very much because it became steps where the document was made though I who had thought so decided to waiting for Mr. Akio's of Toyoda president assumption, and sending the direct appeal card to the Toyota headquarters and the Tokyo headquarters.



咄嗟に頭へ浮かんだことは、「 同じ箇所のボルトが折れると云うことは、やはり何か問題があるのではないか? 」、との疑問だった。


Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.12

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

The Sony television of wearing out puts out smoke, and there is a thing that the grime is filled in the room in the apartment though it becomes a talk of the previous state for as many as 40 years or more.  Naturally, it was an article of the guarantee cutting. I presented only the malfunction reporting to Marui in the sales origin. 

Surprisingly, a manager of director and Marui of East Japan Sony had come before one hour passed, and an interior decoration supplier did it to run after it.

For me who is grateful, it is an enterprise that cannot exist without the customer. If it is not possible to greet it scrupulously at such time, it cannot be said the enterprise. It was spoken that this experience was useful for the following product development.

The fashionable hotel in Shinjuku was prepared until it bowed deeply, and redecorating the room ended. Everything even furnishing goods was substituted for the new article the surprise at going back into one's room in one week.

This was a Japanese company original heart. Sony thought it to be great at the same time to think. 

Toyota Motor Corporation does not have me by a request for mind of Sony. Because I achieved proper duty (report) as a user, I wanted Toyota to return common-sense support. I tormented a customer and there was not it and expected the appeased correspondence of the heart.

As the lover who changed Toyota car for 50 years.

四十数年も前の話になるが、使い古しのソニー・テレビが煙を出し、アパートの部屋にススが充満したことがある。 当然、保証切れの代物であった。販売元の丸井に事故報告だけは差し上げた。


恐縮する私に、『 顧客あっての企業である。こんな時にきちっと挨拶できなければ企業とは云えない。この経験が次の製品開発に役立つ 』のだと話されました。

そして深々と頭を下げられ、部屋の改装が済むまで新宿の高級ホテルを用意して下さった。 一週間後に部屋に戻って再び驚きました。調度品まで総てが新品に取り換えられていたのです。

これが日本企業本来の心であった。そう思うと同時に〝 ソニーは凄い と感心しました。

私はトヨタ自動車にソニーの精神を求めだのではない。 ユーザーとして当然の義務( 報告 ) を果たしたのだから、トヨタにも常識的なサポートを返して欲しかった。 顧客をいたぶるのでは無く、心の癒される対応を望んだのです。


Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.11

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

I have sent a document to the customer-related overseas room in the last aim. 

If "all of you of Toyota receive such handling in the situation of the customer, but do you rush in with great glee to the repair shop what kind of feeling it will become?" .
It is a fact to have cursed oneself since I finish writing it when useless.
It was empty. I think that the feelings that I want to begin to appeal for towards something were pervasive.

Of course I was able to have no communication.

I read the document which I presented to Toyota again many times, but I was able to see the phrase which seemed to be called a complainer nowhere particularly. I only called for cause investigation of the bolt buckling up if I said forcibly.  Will a common-sense request be equal to a complainer act in Toyota Motor Corporation? 

I changed Toyota car more than 40 years, but there was not the experience that was in an accident like this time and has not received so rude handling.

ഏ  最後の心算で顧客関連海外室へ書面を送ってしまった。

「トヨタの皆様が顧客の立場でこんなあつかいを受けたら、どんなお気持になるのでしょうか? 喜び勇んで修理工場へでも駆け込みますか !?」。



トヨタへ差し出した書面を何回も読み返しましたが、特別クレーマー呼ばわりされる様なフレーズは何処にも見当たらなかった。 強いて言うならば、ボルト折れ原因究明を迫っただけです。トヨタ自動車では常識的な要請がクレーマー行為に匹敵するのだろうか!?