Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.8

Marriage visa / 結婚ビザ

On trade, it encounters in a scene which was alike well.
It is distinguished by those who realized when it became arms like this girl that she is a woman out of the living environment in the case of the woman, and those with whom the body is equipped as arms by nature.
Since the former is performance and the latter is individuality, any rag comes out of performance and the latter serves as arms which help the body.

It was said that I wanted more consultation "three children were prepared after getting married, but the method of the back does not sign the documents of marriage visa", and to tell whether what I should do.
Although it is a certain problem well in this country, of this kind becomes complicated later in many cases. It advised talking with one's wife well.

When the young woman of this country marries the foreigner whom age left, the evasion whose most is a difficulty of living is the purpose. The case where love buds is equal to nothing.
Moreover, since the Philippines woman is passionate and it is full of the jealousy heart, it is the common sense which it will lean on a male knee like a kitten, and will not be once considered easily as Mr. detached building if it becomes deep relations.


今ひとつの相談事は、「 結婚してから子供を三人設けたが、奥方が結婚ビザの書類にサインをしない 」、 どうすれば良いか教えてほしいと云うものでした。この国では良くある問題ですが、この種のことは拗れる場合が多いので、奥方を良く説得す様にとだけアドバイスをしました。


Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.7

Formidable girl / 強かな少女

I am not at him and told calmly "Since you are still too young, you are not taken over in my office" toward the girl.
The girl twined the look around Mr. Nagatani with the expression which was bewildered for a moment.
A woman's recovery is early when saying like this. The man in the scene said like this is too poor, and it is fair-weather.

The next moment, the girl looked into me to upward glance, and has twined the look around it.
I bowed my head in assent slightly, and showed. The girl turned the look to Mr. Nagatani again. A daughter regards it as having differed from it which shakes something for a while for the father.
Mr. Nagatani raises a face, saying "Carry out somehow", and he began to speak about her career and destiny.

Since it was hardly heard, there is nothing to memory about what it spoke, but I think that I was angry toward something by somewhere in hearts.
Although refused repeatedly, it holds on obstinately and has become troublesome.
Its way will have been forced, if Mr. Nagatani is the conditions which pay talent training expenses and he eventually says simply.

私は彼にではなく少女に向かって、 君はまだ若すぎるから私の事務所では引き受けられない と静かに伝えた。少女は一瞬キョトンとした表情で長谷氏に視線を絡ませた。こう云う時の女性は立ち直りが早い。こう言う場面での男は余りにも貧弱で頼りがいがない。



Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.6

Beginning of friendship / 親交の始まり

Any previous announcement does not have Mr. Nagatani and he visited the office the middle in October, 2004.
It was accompanied by a girl like the devilkin who is less than 18 years old, and as soon as it sat on the sofa, when I wanted talent to act as this daughter, it started.
The girl conceived the shade which makes the corner of a lovely smile bear the woman of a bar, and brightness with a pupil which always looks into a man's heart worried her.

Talent has asked about how many persons belong, she not showing signs were diffident, either but smiling at me. I answer that I have not counted.
His friend also said that he was working for Japan as a singer, and laughed. Age is not suited but he is a remarkable sociable person. Its eyes were moved from me who am prepared for the next question to Mr. Nagatani.

Eyes which tickle male instincts moved about from Mr. Nagatani restlessly from me and me to Mr. Nagatani. I was comparing the face of him and her for a while.
When attaching the license, the atmosphere accepted immediately was also brewed.
However, there could not be the thing that it overlooks the expectations that the girl is young as for the eyes of the business to distinguish a woman.