Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.57

Epilogue / エピローグ

Because an unexpected wrong rumor comes while a trial goes and may cause it unnecessary trouble, I can touch relations with me and Merylyn and put it.
We were love assuming the marriage during until April for 1998 through 2000. At least I associated in the aim.

Merylyn wanted to leave the country first, and a rumor that her father was raped by a drug was whispered among position talent and trainees just after (October 7, 1999).
When she performed it for a hot spring trip with a visitor of the appearance this time middle part of December when the topic burnt down, I was terrible and received a ticking off from a promoter.

I waited for her return home and broke off relations after I went back to my own country promptly, and having done fact checking to the person himself.
As you know, because our business is authorization business, and the Japanese Government in particular is strict for an act to be tied to a drug and prostitution, you must be careful with giving priority to personal feelings, and it cannot be warped to have been heartrending grief.

I brought up new love each other, and arrowhead, she whom I saw whether I could live a happy life met with misfortune to lose a fetus by a miscarriage afterwards.
Lack of staff of the office has occurred at the same time and, at the time of 2005 when I got to know Nagatani, specifies that I returned to work as an office worker and the position talent.

It was the first experience in the human being business for sixty several years that I chose words biting as possible, and abused another person while continuing intense force in this way.
I am sometimes still vivid, and human lust and the extraordinariness for the gold desire taught by Mr. and Mrs. Nagatani may be remembered.

I bite lips and swallow saliva and grind my teeth and tear hair and am ruled for the disorder of the feelings that there is not though I carry it on my back by oneself how.
Probably it will be the present which there is not of the mistake that this is the evaluation to the life that I walked, and oneself who greeted late in life was given from God!

This story terminates in this, but promises that I tell it about the later feelings including the conclusion at the trial by all means on a day of what time.








Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.56

Pray the judiciary / 司法に願う事

It is reason to have you decide the yes and no by judicial power, but believes many acts for me of Nagatani when of course I win for suit, and naturally payment and others can have the money of settlement of the promise in payment for my work.
It wants you to do the importance of the promise in the human working clearly to want to ask a little.

I want you to sound warning to such an arrogant act you are calm, and the private parts deceive another person to never pollute it and drive one's hand hard, and to return a palm to throw away a clout when a wish accomplishes it.
As for Nagatani, there are two infants two people and one son a daughter of marriageable age between an ex-wife newly, and there is a 9-year-old son to me.

There was process brought up from personal circumstances of mother in the case of my child by Mrs. Nagatani and seemed to understand the relations of the both families which it changed, and went to the juvenile mind, and it decreased significantly to eat the name of the wife recently.
It should be the back of the parent, and the textbook for a child to grow up is said. I believe importance to keep the promise as the human being with true education and do not stop.





Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.55

At the time of decision  / 決断の時 2

The despondency that is common among depression passes away, and the body which is clear-cut and fearless which revived is symbolized by a play of lively golf. The crooked rumor to a woman does not sound like the proof that regained normalcy physically recently.
About having helped with everyday life of Nagatani, neither no human being nor a countryman includes the regret.

It was let loose about Merylyn by debt Hell and was able to become the hostess of the residence such as the palace.
Mother is treated for cancer at a first-class hospital, and Annalyn Ms. of the older sister enjoys elegant everyday life with a child without working. The jobless younger brother becomes an owner of Jypney and enjoys gorgeous youth. I am splendid.

If it is permitted impertinent expression, it is pressed me for help of the greed from Nagatani, and the weakness as the human being does not exist and does not have the financial debt either.
Though it is not asked, I hold out a hand willingly by oneself, and I am free, and neither the responsibility nor the duty is due if there is not the justice to take part to satisfy sexual desire of Nagatani.

It will be to have thought thing and him whom there was between Japanese to be it miserably if I find out the reason that helped Nagatani forcibly.
It might be a human joy desire to expect when a poor family found happiness with his financial power a little. It might be an outcome of the pride for the occupation that I was engaged in for many years.




Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.54

At the time of decision  / 決断の時 1

Nagatani drove around in a brand-new golf cart at a golf course, and my partners might be going to press Nagatani to reach new age for the act that overtook our party in a grand manner.
Such situation was repeated and invited the end to the voyage that entrusted the position to the course.

I was the same as wreckage and gathered determination to put an end in the meditation route of five years when I drifted.
When I look back on the days when I exposed the body to humiliating acts, I am calm and do not quite say anger no matter what not to have sprung out. It has been stamped to human dignity like a slave after having been used in an unreasonable behavior without several degrees.

It is the fact that I feign that I feel resentment it is difficult to find one's fault, and not to be able to do anything for by oneself even if I reconsider these acts, and there is not.
Of course I came back to the start spot and I was limitless and tried fact inspection because there was not the aim to be conceited when it was the human being who was perfect in oneself at all.

However, the thing does not overturn the original, a plan, production, direction when all starring was always Nagatani oneself.
It is a mole at any time, and, not the work which I plan it and sold, I can assert that it was a behavior that I think about self-interest with Nagatani  married couple. As a result, Nagatani was able to recover himself/herself from mental illness.





Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.53

Event until suit  / 訴訟までの出来事 2

When such several months passed, a rumor that I took marriage commission out of Mr. and Mrs. Nagatani was whispered among Caddie.
When I could go, it was expanded, and a story was whispered to the season of the dry season in a new phrase if it was unfair as for the talent with the debt that only Merylyn had money stolen so that there was it in great numbers elsewhere.

When, as is expected, blood went up to a head and let you ask it about Merylyn from a family then, I seemed to deny it immediately.
However, it never occurs by the topic that Caddie of the golf course can know unless a married couple drains information into his contracted Caddie like the proverb that "the smoke stands in the place without the fire" intentionally.

On a certain morning of Sunday, whether I might give the electric jeep which I used habitually to a child of Nagatani when a son was small family said it.
I stared at the son who pulled a sleeve when Daddy asked in my side and bore it while being seized with the impulse that I wanted to knock down for an instant. The jeep was able to reach the Nagatani's house, but it was a maid in conclusion to have received.

A son and a family were invited to the birthday party of the eldest daughter about the thanks for jeep several weeks later.
If there was a story by the energy that drank the liquor which could not swallow up Nagatani, I barked at me when I spoke it. A family was able to inherit a complaint when I boasted that I bought Jypney for a younger brother of Merylyn. I called Nagatani at once, but did not accept it using being out.

そんな数カ月が過ぎたころ、私が長谷夫妻から結婚斡旋料を取ったとの噂が、Caddie 達の間で囁かれたのです。乾期の季節を向かえる頃には話が膨張され、借金のあるタレントは他にも大勢いるのに、Merylynだけが金を取られるのは不公平だと、新しいフレーズで囁かれたのです。

然し、 「火の無い処に煙は立たず」の諺の様に、夫妻が意図的に彼の専属 Caddie へ情報を流さない限り、ゴルフ場の Caddie 達が知り得る話題では決してない。


数週間後にジープのお礼との事で、息子と家内が長女の誕生パーティーに招かれた。長谷が飲めない酒を飲んだ威勢で、話があるなら俺に話せと吼えた。Merylyn の弟にジプニーを買い与えたと自慢したと家内が愚痴を継げた。咄嗟に長谷へ電話を入れたが居留守を使って応じなかった。

Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.52

Event until suit  / 訴訟までの出来事 1

I gave the counterattack sentence, but many events that I covered the eyes before I decided suit with there being no communication from Nagatani, and seemed to want to cork an ear were repeated.
I participated in Christmas tournament, and the age bumped into each other with Nagatani in a verge, the locker room of the accidental golf course on one day of December that approached.

I took light words over a mirror, but, with a panicked state, I showed around a back and ran away in at full speed. A shiver ran for an instant, and the impulse that I ran after it and wanted to knock down ran through a whole body.
However, the smile of a young son overlapped with one's face like an ogre projected by a mirror, and a motion was not possible.

There was the swimming pool which a subsidiary company ran near a golf course, and a son practiced the swimming when it was spring vacation every year.
I took a son and a family to a pool while I went to the golf course on that day. A meeting seemed to be done between women, and Mrs. Nagatani came with children, too.

Mrs. Nagatani came near me when I looked at the dog paddle style of swimming of the son for a while and Nagatani was mean about money and babbled out the thing that was strange if the thing to eat was different from a daddy at all.
And is a palm with the water of the swimming pool violently; ate it. I stared at the surface of the water for a while, but was accompanied by a big sigh when it would be an aim to live for another several years.