Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.53

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

President Akio Toyota, this have it each other and ask you a question other than a thing obstinately because they are important. What did only the maintenance man who took the photograph of the accident of evidence report the cause by which the bolt broke would be to the head office!! The clear reply was not got from Ms. Furuno which also gave her name to Section Head Harada's document as the person in charge, either.

It is proof that the employee of Toyota Motor did not feel efforts at the U.S. Congress public hearing which President Toyoda made even the tear spread and was explained not at all. Section Head Harada, not to mention it, and Ms. Furuno must be the responsibility sections on overseas and for an accident! The staff denied the president, your act and pledge. You were despised by the subordinate who was equal to the rank and file.

豊田章夫社長、これはお互いに取りまして事のほか重要なので執拗に質問いたします。 事故の証拠写真を撮っただけの整備員が、ボルト損折の原因を本社へ何と報告したのですか!! 原田室長の書面にも担当者を名乗ったフルノ女史からも明快な回答は頂けませんでした。

豊田社長が涙まで滲ませ弁明なさった米議会公聴会でのご苦心を、トヨタ自動車の社員は何とも感じていなかった証拠です。 それどころか原田室長とフルノ女史は、海外における事故担当の責任部門のはず!その職員が社長、貴方の行為と公約を否定した。貴方は平社員に等しい部下に舐められたのです。

Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.52

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

The young maintenance man who was right as for courtesy does not necessarily do imitation which asks the situation of a bolt crease and which there is not, removes the foil of a tire but and looks into the part in question. He merely grinned and 7 or 8 photographs of evidence were taken, and it pulled up immediately and went. Is it an idea which a maintenance man without even a tool says conducted what kind of investigation!?

Because "a national staff handled it with responsibility, and the answer from a general manager reported the cause of the bolt buckling up to a family", I was able to receive it when I would already have nothing to do.
I started preparations I went back to my own country promptly, and to face face-to-face talk. However, unfortunately, the issue of appearance to the American Congress public hearing of your company happened and couldn't but give it up.

礼儀は正しかった若い整備員は、ボルト折れの状況を尋ねるでもなく、タイヤのホイルを外し問題の箇所を覗き込む真似をする訳でもなかった。ただニヤニヤ笑って証拠写真7,8枚を撮って早々と引き上げた。 工具ひとつ持たない整備員がどの様な調査をしたと云うお心算でしょうか!?

室長からの回答は、『 現地スタッフが責任を持って処理し、ボルト折れの原因は家内に報告した』から、もう関係ないだろうと受け取れるものでした。

Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.51

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

There is not the reason that I know the order that President Toyota was given to and of course does not understand it what kind of expectations there is in your company. However, there is too much unreasonableness since scotch bolt fold loss passing to twice is a fact to crush it. I never think that I take the appropriate correspondence even if I consider a title of General Manager Harada.

Moreover, there is no lie falsehood in Section Head Harada's document, if Toyota Motor comes to have will which solves this case earnestly, at least the whole circumstances of an accident and the circumstances of negotiation will be grasped in advance, and the opposite method will completely be taken till the present the place which should set the direction which can perform an appropriate answer on charge. It is felt that I am intentional.

豊田社長が下された命令を私が知る由もないし、御社にどの様な思惑がそんざいするのか勿論わかりません。然し、二回に渡る車輪止めボルト折損が事実である以上、にぎり潰すには無理が多すぎる。 原田室長さんの肩書を考え合わせても決して適切な対応を取っているとも思えないのです。