Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.31

Unexpected development / 意外な展開

I took approximately one week and picked candidate several brides from the day while getting cooperation of Annalyn. Furthermore, character was serious and chose Miss Laila Carata which did not have the personal and few manager of the debt from that. Annalyn cooperated like one's thing.

A marriage meeting of Nagatani and Laila was carried out at a Japanese restaurant at 7:00 p.m. on April 25. However, this plan did not succeed. I heard it as a sequel, but Nagatani was in the middle of seeing Laila and was to have pressed it for relations when the debt took it over and bought a house.

And before obtaining an official answer from Laila; Nagatani because "do not hear that say even if that woman provokes it, is no use". I said, I made the woman who was same as at the time of marriage meeting. Annalyn had the work of the office and declined it with saying that it was visa wait state, but did not hear my words.

更にその中から性格が真面目で借金が少なく、個人マネージャーを持たないLaila Carata嬢に白羽の矢を立てた。Annalynは自分の事の様に協力してくれました。


そして、Laila嬢から正式回答を得る前に、長谷氏が あの女は誘っても言う事を聞かないから駄目だ。見合いの時一緒だった女にしてくれ と云って来た。
Annalyn は事務所の仕事があり、ビザ待ち状態であるからと断ったが、私の言葉など耳に入らなかったのです。 

Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.30

I pay the debt / 借金は俺が払う

It was April, 2005. I am uneasy, and the woman who "asks for a woman because money of 200 and 300 prepares anytime" does not calm down when not in the side. I was troubled by insomnia, and Nagatani conveyed a cry of the poignancy every night when in this situation I died. If it became about time when this, I often broke a promise of golf on that day.

Telling would hold the sympathy and the feelings of the pity in him somewhere of the heart whenever entreated when it was a difficult talk although I did it.
I remembered some talents when I noticed and smiled wryly to oneself whom I superimposed on Nagatani time and time again. Him whom I told to have given in to obstinate tenacity may be correct.

One day I talked about him with Annalyn Santos of the talent who was an assistant and watched it.
Her answer was clear. Most talents expect the marriage with the Japanese. An answer that most talents agreed to marriage returned if I had you handle the debt of the family and the contract of the office.
When you asked whether you were the same from mischievous urge, I had a smile in the whole face and sounded a finger

2005年の四月でした。 二百や三百の金なら何時でも用意するから女を頼む 』、女が側にいないと不安で落ち着かない。毎晩不眠症に悩まされ、このままでは死んでしまうと、長谷氏が悲痛の叫びを伝えて来ました。この頃になるとゴルフの約束を当日反故にすることも多かった。


ある日、私はアシスタントだったタレントのAnnalyn Santosに彼のことを相談して見た。

Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.29

Take care of a woman / 女を世話しろ B

It was provoked after a meal to a bar nearby.
Nagatani did not drink liquor, but seemed to love a woman awfully. I turned a hand to the back without letting you be not crowded when a woman sat on the neighbor and began the exchange of the phone number. It was the action that was too enough to demonstrate the woman problem that the wife who parted grieved over.

It was sure that it was past 4:00 p.m. so that the staff of the office burst into laughter and received an invitation to eating and drinking or golf afterwards.
I was made to golf in his member course on both days of March 8 and April 8 without being able to finish declining it. A talent occupied the center of the topic in the cars of coming and going for granted.

I dug a root and dug a tooth and was asked about a sum or the contents of their debt.
There is the individual difference, but memorizes what I answered that it will be around 500,000 pesos from 200,000 while becoming the flinch if I match the debt of the family with an office. If I did it in now and thought, I would need a woman in a serious thing.




Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.28

Take care of a woman / 女を世話しろ A

When there was important consultation from Nagatani on the evening of February 5 when the moon changed, it was called by a Japanese restaurant. I began to talk when I introduced a woman as soon as I sat down in my seat.
It is not got up in the morning after parting from a wife without being able to sleep at night. The willpower that it was attacked by a feeling of weakness, and golfed did not spring out, and it was appealed to seem to be completely out of order in a depression state.

My answer was the following thing.
There is certainly a lot of young women in the office. However, they are entertainers of the government official recognition in Philippines and are a product in the business. I am different from women hanging around a street corner.
Because their family has a debt, and a contract and a debt are left in the office, the introduction is not easily possible. 

奥さんと別れてから夜は眠れず朝は起きられないと云う。脱力感に襲われゴルフをやる気力も湧かず、完全に鬱状態で狂いそうだ 』とも訴えた。



Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.27

Is divorced / 離婚する B

Of the number felt apprehensive, but the enthusiast of the countryman was piled up, too, and introduced our legal adviser and interpreter and was opened divorce mediation in a law office on January 15.
For the story that Nagatani is giving an interview with a lawyer, and was told by a wife being the ladies' man that he is abnormal, the money was suspicious, and said when lacked the school expenses of the child.

A wife leaves three children, and the condition of the final divorce holds a right of the first floor and the second floor of the apartment. The third floor obtained the divorce under conditions of a house of Nagatani.
His communication became frequent and received golf or a meal or the invitation to a nightclub again since there is this thing, but work had got crowded and did not realize it.




Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.26

Is divorced / 離婚する A

Some philosopher leaves words to say that the poverty is a crime.
A race it consumes poverty with women selling poverty in the world that I lived by, and to get feels like having seemed to fight day and night. Even if Kazushi Nagatani who is this chief character says that it was the member, it is not exaggeration.

There was a telephone from Nagatani after a long absence and, on January 9, 2005, received a request of the effect to "want you to introduce a lawyer because you were divorced".
I thought whether there was not the partner to talk about a difficult problem with. Because there was the affair of the girl in the one side, it should have been hard to talk. There was a feeling of strange relief when I talked with me well.

It is required an extraordinary fee later when I ask it for things carelessly in this country when it is an acquaintance.
Thus a problem should be settled, but it is changed a story, and it is with a bigger rumor, and there is more that it follows that I hold a new trouble. This is because cases I complicate a problem, and to bring into the seed of the meal are often found than it says that it solves trouble.


2005年1月9日、久しぶりに長谷氏から電話があり、 離婚するから弁護士を紹介して欲しい 旨の要請を受けたのです。