祖国が危ない / The mother country is dangerous No.14

番外編・中国 = Extra - China


















68)"The remark over the Nanjing case of Mayor Takashi Kawamura Nagoya" caused controversy, but a coverage camera for broadcast recorded the design that spoke opening greetings for the whole book when Mayor Kawamura of February 20, 2012 talked together with a courtesy visit corps of China, Nanjing City.
There was no fault in the remark of the mayor considered to be a problem.

69)The remark of Mayor Kawamura was simplicity of the Nagoya dialect full exposure so as to want to be rather irritated with you.
Father was stationed in Nanjing when Japan reached defeat, but I wove the story that had you present having had you teach how to make ramen from a Chinese and self vegetables and brought it and told that postwar, the father planted a cherry tree for thanks in Nanjing.

70)The interchange is not regarded as a Japanese soldier among people from Nanjing if Nanjing Massacre excited about exists.
That want to get a true friendly relationship by clarifying facts for the future of the two countries; thought.
In addition, I tell that the consulate construction wants to pray for hesitation calmly because it is this local heart, and Nagoya castle is a soul.

71)When we come face to face in this way, I resemble closely so as to take it for brothers.
China is an elder brother if I think historically, and Japan will be something like younger brother.
I bound it together I stood on talks, the truth heart to heart each other, and to make up a true friendly relationship.
Even if I am twisted and think so much, there is not the hit spot of the fault.

72)I felt as if I heard the so excellent greetings whether it was dozens of years since then as a Japanese politician.
It was the thing which I was too excellent for the nation, and was irritating.
The nation must cry seriously towards the world before stupid governor and coward Ministry of Foreign Affairs and traitors panic and put the apology that went mad.

73)If China picks a new trap with a kind by Kawamura remark by the forgery of the specialty again, we should not talk in eternity with China.
It becomes the reappearance of the Manchurian Incident.
I am violent, but should be settled by a self-responsibility because the advance company abandoned the work force of the nation.

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