祖国が危ない / The mother country is dangerous No.11

南京事件の疑惑 / Doubt of the Nanjing case










韓国の将軍は自国記者に、「 兵隊は戦争行為を実施した。物見遊山に来た訳ではないから、何ら問題はない 」と語った。良いか悪いかは別にしてこれが戦争の実態だ。






ベトナム民族の屈辱を思い気高さを称えた上で、「 戦の大義と正義 」は勝者のみに与えられる勲章であると気が付くべきである。同胞たちよ!!

52>The Japanese military which defeated the national military during by the second Shanghai incident that began on August 9, 1937 surrounded Nanjing Castle on December 8, the same year.
I pressed it for bloodless surrender on 9th, the following day, but Mr. Chiang Kai-shek of the general has already escaped.
After having tied the foot of soldiers with a chain to the floor, Tang straight Satoshi entrusted with the back is conveyed when I disappeared on December 12.

53>The Japanese military seemed to completely gain control of the Nanjing Castle including a march on 13th on 10th.
It is Nanjing Massacre to be said that I killed a guerilla fighter and a citizen as for 400,000 people in the process of this castle attack.
Because it is a wartime thing in front for 75 years, the careless thing cannot say, but a film does not stay even in the reason why I grow, and a witness is.

54>It is a violent idea, but there is not what meaning if I do not beat it even if the thing which war is uses what kind of hand since I do it.
I just loosened a handle from a just slight sense of beauty and an in this way ridiculous forgery drama is handed down for dozens of years when helped put on a disgrace of the defeat and revolutionizes it in the truth that is disgraceful finally.

55>Some stories went astray, but I violated women and children in front of public attention, and soldiers of Korea which the United States Armed Forces increased at the time of the Vietnam War slaughtered children.
In the case of the Korean military, obvious evidence exists, and only several pieces of near photographs exist for a forgery when it is the Japanese military.

However, different handling gets by as heaven and the hell. I only give a partner the excuse of the false charge when you do not challenge it after having really understood this reality and should know that there is not anything to get.

56>Did Japan violate heartlessness like this in those days that influenced the Korea race?
I raise a clamor in charity dames like a fool that knows little often repeats it, but am the words that are very selfish if I apply it to the theory of the general.

After considering the humiliation of the Vietnam race and praising nobleness, he should notice that "the righteousness which begins war, and justice" are decorations conferred only upon a winner.

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