被災地を想う時 / When I yearn for the stricken area No.11

気力との戦い / Fight with the willpower


相手は巨大で機動力もある。待っているだけでは勝ち目は薄いと思うのです。 廻りを見渡せば何処かに今の自分に出来る何かがあるはずです。

彼らはある意味では公人ですが我々は一般人でしかない。悔しいがこれも事実。 然しながら彼らは公人であると同時に日本国民である以上、真実の声を無視する事は出来ないはずです。

何れは瓦礫の山も撤去するだろうし賠償金も払うでしょう。それまで体力を温存することも戦略だと考えます。 皆様は私より幾らかでも恵まれているのですから心配ありません。



それでも頑として製造販売会社の間違った自尊心だけを押し通しております。傲慢だと思いますが、国民の皆様、これが現在の日本です。 残念ですが事実なのです、現実です。

Please do not misunderstand it. I do neither feeling any guilty feeling in insisting on a fair right nor the heart to flinch from with the need.
However, will not you be best as for it when a partner has the ordinary heart as the human being? I trust people trampling on the heart of the companion who does not understand Japanese while being a Japanese and do not go.

The life that the game has been tiring is a defeat.  A partner is huge, and there is the mobility, too. I think that the winning chances are light only by waiting. There should be anything which oneself present has somewhere if I look around the circumference. I cling to it and earn time and will bet it on the tomorrow's chance!  Do not do so it; or all of you of the stricken area?

In a sense they are public people, but we are only commoners. Unfortunately, this is a fact, too. However, I cannot ignore the true voice since it is a Japanese citizen at the same time as they are public people. I will remove the heap of debris sometime soon and will pay the ransom. I think that it is a strategy to keep physical strength till then. Because all of you are endowed a less than me, we do not have to worry.

In the useless Prime Ministers whom most of nations accepted, the words of the visit were vomited in the presidents of Tokyo Electric which I imitated such as the feigned illness reluctantly by. There will not be I boil payment even if it takes time, and carry the proper indemnification on its back unless Nippon-Maru sinks, being wrong.

In the case of me, there was not the security of 1 yen from the country, too. Even the general manager of the charge window does not take one telephone by the matter of Toyota Motor Corporation. In fact I hear when I pin a wheel, and the bolt fold loss occurs in each Southeastern Asian country. If, in the same way as time in the United States, an accident lost even as for the human life occurs; Mr. Akio Toyoda would bear false witness in American Congress. 

When that was a temporary downright lie, Toyota Motor Corporation oneself will prove the pledge that I declared for the world. Still I persist in only the wrong pride of the production sale company stubbornly.  I think that I am arrogant, but nations, this is current Japan. Regretfully it is a fact.

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