捏造劇の主役たち / Leading role of the forgery drama No.15

第十五章・生意気な後書き / Impertinent afterword



『 先の2つの署名と違い、オバマ大統領府に請願すべき正当な内容です。皆さんの労力と時間を無駄にしないよう、臭いモノに蓋ではなく元から絶ちます。 』



「臭いモノに蓋ではなく元から絶ちます。」 この行は過ちです。












Chapter15 Impertinent afterword

131)It was the last, but 121 bill abolition exercise of Mr. microphone Honda is in progress now to know.
Assenters will be a series of great difficulty including a sponsor.
Because I think that I want to give impertinent frank advice as one of the nations yearning for the mother country in the same way as all of you, ask me by all means.

132)Because the sponsor thought to be the one pushes forward a signature to Mr. @smile_takkun, this sentence is the original which I used.
Unlike "two former signatures, it is the fair contents which you should petition the Obama Executive Office of the President" for. I cut it off from the cause not a cover to a bad-smelling thing not to waste labor and the time of all of you. 』
This profanes own signature activity.

133)Even if two former signatures are the things which pointed out activity of the removal of the charity dame monument if against Sea of Japan changing name, I assert that it was not the fair contents which you should petition the Obama Executive Office of the President for and criticize it.
"I cut it off from the cause not a cover to a bad-smelling thing". This line is a mistake.
The root of the issue of charity dame is not the 121 bill that Mr. Honda submitted.

134)I stamp on the activity of the countryman with my shoes on so that oneself achieves a purpose and disturb it by a lie until healthy conscience of another person calmly and can grasp the hidden reason that I am going to drag into a signature whatever it takes vividly.
Will not you be identical to the act of a Korean and the representative from Honda in this?
A bent person of the heart thought in imprudence to speak of patriotism in this way.

135)In the sentence that an assenter appealed to for a signature, words, "I signed nationality acquisition petition for the repayment of favor to Taiwan in the occasion of the Honda bill abolition signature" were used frequently one more.
Will the repayment of favor be some kind of things to perform incidentally?
I insult Taiwanese all of you. The first sponsor will know nobody.

136)It is very severe remarking how to put up, but feels that I watched the essence of the suffering that the democracy is afraid of in arrogance I leave it to personal feelings at 1:00, and to roll up another person without understanding a charity dame monument and the difference of the approval bill of the Lower House, U.S.A. that a Korean erected.
I cannot forbid slight empty sadness if I really expect the repayment of favor about the matter of Taiwan when I wanted you to do Taiwan's original support.

137)The nations are anxious about the mother country, and it thinks that it is a very splendid thing to devote passion to activity and is the aim that it does a difficulty how to let I have a long it and continue the passion and understands for oneself whether it is a thing.
Of each other's patriotism racing pray so that there is not it when want to do its best for the mother country while keeping a slow sense of distance.
Thank you for support.

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