日本は病んでいる / Japan is sick No.7

先人たちの想い / Thought of ancient people

(31)「 くよくよと思ってみても愚痴となり敗戦罪とあきらめるよし 」。


フィリピンで戦った韓国の英雄だが、連合軍が朝鮮人だから助けると言ったのに、「私は帝国陸軍の中将である。免罪は不要だ 」と笑って英霊となられた。















(31)"It becomes the complaint even if I think over and over again defeat punishment and reason to give up".
This is a phrase of the death poem that a Kin saic lieutenant general of the Korean family register wrote as an empire officer.
Though was the Korean hero who fought in the Philippines, but said that helped it because the Allied Forces was a Korean; "I am a lieutenant general of Imperial Army". When the acquittal was unnecessary, it was become the soul laughingly.
It is the splendid Japanese spirit.

(32)Mr. Kin sogon of the military academy 27th graduate made an outstanding performance as if I cleared myself from a grudge of the long time as a lieutenant colonel of the Japanese military the fight with the China forces when China incident broke out.
I defeat China soldier thoroughly and am Korean Kiyomasa Kato and the hero who took a nickname.
The Japanese Government reported the bravery of lieutenant colonel Kim to His Majesty the Emperor and was granted a decoration after even a Japanese could not get a decoration.

(33)Last Crown Prince Mr. Iwan he has been sent to Japan as a hostage at the age of 10 years old Korea dynasty.
The Japanese Government let this Crown Prince advance from Gakushuin University to the military academy 29th graduate by Imperial Family equal service and promoted you to Lieutenant General of army.
And I took the trouble of was candidate princess of the His Majesty Emperor Showa, marrying pear former shrine Masako.

(34)Because poverty continued in the case of Korea for several hundred years, the military power was a thing of the hunting degree if there was not the economic power.
I asked about the tide of war of Soviet Union and China and always barely maintained countries by becoming the colony.
Therefore I was treated as the slave and accumulated the history of the distress.
The Korea dynasty gave you several thousand beautiful women of the own country, too and couldn't but take the bow of the subject to China It can be said that I am sorry for the thing.

(35)What could never understand only one would have the woman with a woman and the lover who were already married in the beautiful woman.
In addition, there should have been an older brother and a younger brother if the charity dame who made noise when abducted in the Japanese military had father. It is the place where a question springs out very much whether the Korean man did not protect them at the risk of life in why.
Have you thrown away it until the pride of will and the man who fought in surplus poverty somewhere?

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