不敗神話の間違い / Invincible mythical mistake No.11

外交の番外編 / Diplomatic extra B



28I told that Ambassador Niwa protested the Chinese side, but emphasized the thing that was incomprehensible when "it was the bureaucrat nation where China was the number one in the world as for what wanted, on the other hand, a Japanese to know" it. In other words a fishery department is a government office accepting territorial waters violation and will want to say when the territorial waters violation is not necessarily a basic thought of the diplomatic service.
29Such a man makes the tax of the nation a breast and spends the old age like the King without any inconvenience among dozens of servants in a mansion. A country may not become rich even if I increase taxes no matter how much. I pay a bonus to the party like the traitor in particular inside and outside the country, and the nation plays the dash of the wooden doll of the good-natured person.
30Ambassador Niwa takes pride in knowing a lot about internal circumstances of China, but is different from what I know and a thing understanding.
China gathered gas from the gas field of the East China Sea and has begun to declare Senkaku Islands openly when "it was profit of the core" of China.
The ability to finish reading intention of the Chinese government reflected by such an action is zero.
31If the Japanese Embassy which I built in Beijing was different from a plan in the evidence last year, for a reason to say, the China government refused licensing .
 I lost normal feeling then and have promised that I provided facility so that China acquired very large land of Niigata-City and Nagoya-City without thinking about the consequences really.
32I submit land sale written consent to the Chinese side and got the permission to use new embassy, but am a false charge after the land after all even if who thinks.
If he is a really first-class corporate warrior, I may understand such a stratagem.
It is bad expression, but all I can say am that there is not a high treacherous act against one's country act and has become senile.
33Should not I think deeply about words of the 70 years old retirement by oneself some other time at the same time as this is the disgraceful diplomacy of the principle of safety first of Niwa?
Even if Mayor Kawamura and the thoughtful nation do their best no matter how much as far as incapable people grow wild for such a political diplomacy, the light does not burn in the Japanese future.

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