愛しき祖国のために / For the dear mother country No.17

現代の日本人気質 / Modern temperament of Japanese

72)ブログの反響を待ち詫びる中で「原発反対新宿集会 」が起こりました。
















72)"The Shinjuku meeting that I was against nuclear power generation" happened while I waited and apologized for a reaction of the blog.
When oneself wanted to participate as a statement of the child that the actress in question considered the news of NHK to peep at Twitter, I murmured it.
A head became blank, and, as for me, a heart became the ice instantly. Some dragged by her form 50,000 crowds.
The ringleader who kept driving another person watched TV in a house as if oneself alone was a white hat.

73)Her mutter extremely reduced a number and did not suppose that it became when I heard a voice of September at all in October.
The screen top of Twitter did not show many changes. Only the moonlight masks which covered the plane certainly multiply and have a feeling that the all who do not learn lesson seemed to hit only feelings.
If it became about time when this, Metropolitan citizens canvassing for votes was whispered to against nuclear power generation referendum, and several heroes who stuck to eyes appeared.

74)Because it is no good to cause misunderstanding, I declare my intentions and put it.
It is not controversial to take action, and several hundred times approves of an opinion that I am important than feigning indifference.
As for what was not divisible as an individual, the surface was manly in the same way as her time in question, but was only that the analysis for the exercise policy couldn't help thinking thinly.
I felt that I was too dragged in will of another person.

75)A splendid thing does not have the mistake in conclusion because I seemed to reach the sign. I want to talk about the thanks heartily. However, I held feeling of satisfaction, and how many people would be really occupied even if people engaged in exercise got sense of accomplishment?
I say that the handsome hero runs away to Kansai in disfavor with radiation exposure if he changes expression. The feelings of women dragged by him will be any kind of things.

76)I do not make fun. It does not mean that the fight achieved a purpose if I do not win as stock argument.
It is not possible for is true, fighting and wants to tell an undercurrent about the politician who pretended to be the Japanese whom the nation is made to carry on his/her back not only this problem, a special privilege residing in Japan, anti-Japan education, territory aggression, territory unjust sale, district franchise, all problems including the protection of human rights method after having understood the truth to smolder if there is not it if the victory is far.

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