Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.57

Epilogue / エピローグ

Because an unexpected wrong rumor comes while a trial goes and may cause it unnecessary trouble, I can touch relations with me and Merylyn and put it.
We were love assuming the marriage during until April for 1998 through 2000. At least I associated in the aim.

Merylyn wanted to leave the country first, and a rumor that her father was raped by a drug was whispered among position talent and trainees just after (October 7, 1999).
When she performed it for a hot spring trip with a visitor of the appearance this time middle part of December when the topic burnt down, I was terrible and received a ticking off from a promoter.

I waited for her return home and broke off relations after I went back to my own country promptly, and having done fact checking to the person himself.
As you know, because our business is authorization business, and the Japanese Government in particular is strict for an act to be tied to a drug and prostitution, you must be careful with giving priority to personal feelings, and it cannot be warped to have been heartrending grief.

I brought up new love each other, and arrowhead, she whom I saw whether I could live a happy life met with misfortune to lose a fetus by a miscarriage afterwards.
Lack of staff of the office has occurred at the same time and, at the time of 2005 when I got to know Nagatani, specifies that I returned to work as an office worker and the position talent.

It was the first experience in the human being business for sixty several years that I chose words biting as possible, and abused another person while continuing intense force in this way.
I am sometimes still vivid, and human lust and the extraordinariness for the gold desire taught by Mr. and Mrs. Nagatani may be remembered.

I bite lips and swallow saliva and grind my teeth and tear hair and am ruled for the disorder of the feelings that there is not though I carry it on my back by oneself how.
Probably it will be the present which there is not of the mistake that this is the evaluation to the life that I walked, and oneself who greeted late in life was given from God!

This story terminates in this, but promises that I tell it about the later feelings including the conclusion at the trial by all means on a day of what time.








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